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The amazing history and future of the Jews

The creation of the Jews as a people and their survival against all the natural odds is one of the most amazing historical facts. God chose Israel to be His own special people and He tells us, through His Word the Bible, that He caused them to be dispersed and persecuted around the world for their disobedience to the laws He gave them. But He also promised that He would regather them to their land and make them the head nation with Jerusalem to be made the capital city of the world!

The past and continuing experiences of the Jews testify to the existence of God, who describes them as His witnesses, and tells us that the future of the world we live in is dependent upon their survival and that our own future is inextricably linked to that nation. It is therefore important that we learn about them to understand what part we can play in that promised future.

The Bible talk was held on Tuesday 17th October and is now available for download



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